We follow a farm and forests to table idea. Natural food showed in its purity rather than being over processed. With a focus on often poor ingredients, regional farming and wild foraging. An energetic daily changing menu is the answer to hyper seasonal thinking. Driven by farmers and producers of the area around and in Berlin. Whole animal butchering and leaf to root thinking is our thing. You will always find zero waste solutions on our menus. We serve omnivore menus but focus on quality not quantity when it comes to meat and fish. We mainly work with freshwater fish from the region and game from the forests. But when we find invasive species or high population fish from the north sea or very well treated goats, cows or pigs we also work with them. At the same time we are mirroring the cultural and migration driven diversity of our neighboorhood. What we try to create is a regional Berlin-Neuk├Âlln kitchen. Open minded, pure, wild. Elegant but also fun. Spiced up with sometimes imported memories of the West and East Mediteranean (like Turkish e.g.) but also far more to the east like Japanese preserving and cooking techniques et al.. A melting pot kitchen but with mainly regional produce. Our drinks program is driven by a huge variety of low-tech and natural wines as well as regional beers with a focus on the old east German tradition of sour beers. We see ourselves in the not anymore new wave of bistronomy. Wild Food, Wild Wine, Wild Times!